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Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs (IIRA)
Located at Western Illinois University, the Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs is designed to improve the quality of life in rural areas by developing public-private partnerships with local agencies on small business development and community development projects in rural areas. The Institute works on projects including rural economic and community development (including value-added agriculture), health care, education, public transportation, public management policies, housing, and technology.


Peace Corps Fellows/USA
Fellows/USA works with more than 30 universities that offer financial assistance to returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) who pursue graduate studies in a variety of subject areas. Through internships, RPCVs help meet the needs of underserved U.S. communities.

  Participating Rural Communities and Agencies
Program Partner Since 1994.
The communities and agencies where Fellows serve their internships provide financial support and an atmosphere in which Fellows can learn and contribute to the development and quality of life of the community. Fellows have served in over 65 rural communities throughout the State of Illinois.
  AmeriCorp AmeriCorps
Program Partner since 1997.
The PCF program is proud to be part of the Corporation for National and Community Service, a national network of community service programs. A three-year grant from the Illinois State Commission awarded in 2003 is enabling the PCF program to improve its level of service to communities. Peace Corps Fellows become AmeriCorps members as they start their internships. They are eligible for education awards from AmeriCorps that can be used to pay back students loans and/or pay for future educational expenses.
  USDA United States Department of Agriculture- Rural Development
Program Partner since 1994.
USDA-Rural Development provides vital operating funds for the PCF program. Furthermore, staff from USDA-Rural Development provide technical assistance on infrastructure, business development, and other projects to bolster the quality of life in the communities in which Fellows serve.
  University of Illinois University of Illinois - Extension
Program Partner since 1994.
Extension specialists and educators play a critical role in the success of the PCF program. They assist in identifying appropriate internship sites through their statewide network. Furthermore, they provide advice and mentorship to Fellows during their internships thus contributing to the Fellows’ professional development.
  Rural Partners Rural Partners,
The Illinois Private/Public Partnership for Rural Community Development
Program Partner since 1994.
As a statewide consortium, Rural Partners provides excellent opportunities for Fellows to become connected to public and private organizations that assist rural communities.

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The PCF program is a unit of the Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs.